Monday, October 29, 2007

Goodbye Oz

So long Australia - for's been great

Well that's the end of the line for us....only a wee 30 hour plane journey and we'll be back in Scotland (where apparently it's raining). We've had a great time and we are pretty sure we will return one day, and pick up where we left off......but for now


Cheers again to everyone, who kept in touch with us and to all the new friend we made on our all made a great experience all the more enjoyable


The Blues xx
(no longer on tour)

Beni in Sydney

Beni at the opera house

Poor wee Beni.....all alone in Sydney. Why? He can't find Pee-sac or Jeni. Who knows where they are.....hopefully residing at the bottom of one of our rucksacks, but they could have eloped to the Sunshine Coast, since the last time they were seen was when they all went surfing on Maroochydore Beech (or even worse.....maybe a great white got them in the surf)

The old Steak and Kidney

Sydney at night

Us at the Sydney harbour bridge

So here we are....last stop in Sydney. Because it was our last stop, we decided to splash out and get a nice apartment for a few days, overlooking Darling Harbour......pretty much in central Sydney. We spent the last few days having a look around and trying to top up our tan, but I reckon the Sydney weather new we were heading soon and tried to acclimatise us, to Scottish weather, by raining for a few days. This meant that we had to stay dry which of course led us to a wee tour of the local boozers. The sun put his hat on, on the last day and on the whole it was pretty warm, so we can't complain really.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Our party is coming to an end!

Due to the lack of funds and no win on the Ozzy lotto, we are heading back to the UK on the 27th October.

We will spend next week in Sydney, so should have some more pictures to put on our blog before we head home.

It has been the best 8 months of our lives and dont regret one bit of it....and the next time we head off, we will make sure we budget properly (ha ha)

This tour is not over, just postponed for a while...

Love The Bluesxx

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The great Tattie scone cook off

Stand aside citizen.....
this is a job for Tattie Scone Man !!!

After the drunken night before, we were all saying how we missed not having tattie scones to cure our hangover hungers (for those not in the know, a tattie scone, or potato scone, is a Scottish delicacy, made from potatoes, flour, water and a little salt), BUT you can't get them in Oz. IB let it slip that he had made them that was it. The following day we set on our quest, checked the recipe thanks to Google (click here if you want to make your own), and headed to the shops.

A couple of hours later, we had a good 45 tattie scones, which soon became 40 (the workers have to eat you know), which we froze - although I don't know why cause Cathy and Gavin are going through them like there is no tomorrow!!

I think we can safely say they were a success

Back to Brissie


After a great time at the Sunshine Coast, we headed back to Brisbane to stay with Cathy, Gavin, Becca and David. Cathy, who we had never met, is the sister of our friend Brian, so it was going to be fun trying to find her at the station. She described herself as "shorter than Brian, with longer hair" - hmmm this could be tricky, but also said she was wearing a purple top...which made finding her much easier. She drove us to their home where they made us very welcome. On Saturday night we had a few drinks (of course) to celebrate our new friendship and danced the night away to Debo's mp3 player, which had an array of "hits" which Cathy hadn't heard in ages......great fun (but sore heads and legs in the morning)

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Life's a Beach

Life on Maroochydore Beach....

It's all about catching some rays....

Or catching some waves!!!!

Havin a great Beni, Jeni and Pee-sac xx