Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The great Tattie scone cook off

Stand aside citizen.....
this is a job for Tattie Scone Man !!!

After the drunken night before, we were all saying how we missed not having tattie scones to cure our hangover hungers (for those not in the know, a tattie scone, or potato scone, is a Scottish delicacy, made from potatoes, flour, water and a little salt), BUT you can't get them in Oz. IB let it slip that he had made them that was it. The following day we set on our quest, checked the recipe thanks to Google (click here if you want to make your own), and headed to the shops.

A couple of hours later, we had a good 45 tattie scones, which soon became 40 (the workers have to eat you know), which we froze - although I don't know why cause Cathy and Gavin are going through them like there is no tomorrow!!

I think we can safely say they were a success

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Magz Crossan said...

Hi Blues

How are you doing? Just a quick comment to say hello and Happy Anniversary. Hope you both are having a fantastic time. Certainly looks like it. Loved the tatties scones IB. Off out with Mum today. Her big 70 birthday. Have a lovely anniversary. Email soon.

Love from Magz and Adam xx